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Jive Addict

Hardrock, Metal Rock, Pop, Punk

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Description de Jive Addict

JiveAddict est un groupe de Rock Fusion né dans la Cité Ardente en 2008. Depuis 2012, il rassemble Sammy Peters (vocals), Benjamin Lejeune (vocals/guitar), Thao Le (guitar/backing vocals), Adrien Grégoire (drums), Manuel Smolders (piano), Adrien Legrand (cello) et Cédric Didier (percussion).

Jive :
Pronunciation: /ˈdʒaɪv/
Definition: frequently used to imply lying, verbal deception or trickery.

Addict :
verb (əˈdɪkt )
1. (tr; usually passive ; often foll by to)
to cause (someone or oneself) to become dependent (on something, esp a narcotic drug)
noun (ˈædɪkt )
a person who is addicted, esp to narcotic drugs
3. informal
a person who is devoted to something

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