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Pauline Leblond Double Quartet

Jazz, Blues Musique Classique

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"This idea has come few years ago. When i was listening to baroque music, especially pieces for harpsichord or keyboard from Johann Sebastian Bach, I noticed some similarities with jazz; in melodies and changes as well. I think that harmonic and melodic rhythms could be associated to BeBop. Only the interpretation (accentuation, phrasing) is different but the writing is the same. First I sang Bach's suites with jazz phrasing. I improvised with my brother practicing those suites on cello, then I tried a first experience in public, an arrangement of a keyboard's piece.

After that, I really wanted to compose a new piece based on baroque material, with a jazz sound. To show the filiations between those two musics, I needed classical and jazz musicians. Of course, I thought about drums and double bass, because they are the essence of jazz bands, first for swing and timing conception. I needed one harmonic instrumentist. I spoke about this project to my friend Guillaume Gillain who plays guitar, he was really interested. His harmonic support fulfilled the luth function (arpeggios and melodic movements). I spoke to another friend of mine Julien Gillain who plays the jazz violin and he supported me too. I wanted his contribution in order to have a jazz player within the quartet. In that way, I got an " improvising guy " in the string section. The other members of this section come from a classical environment.

I chose the string quartet formation even if it's not typical in baroque era (the string quartet was born in the classical period, thanks to Joseph Haydn) but still the strings timber sounds in my ears. I appreciate this formation for all the possibilities it can offer (Haydn, Debussy, Ravel, Schostakovitch...) It's one of the most beautiful and richest timbers association in my opinion.

For now, I've composed a piece (3 mvts) : 22.1030, I arranged pieces of Johann Sebastian Bach, Giovanni Gabrieli, Arcangelo Corelli and some jazz standards. I've also started a new suite, based on dances suite from the baroque period, mixing baroque language and jazz phrasing.